Capabilities that Deliver Value

DMG are like no other concrete service company in the marketplace. There are several key factors that set us apart from the competition.

Our capabilities deliver quantified value to our customers. We estimate that on an average 30-story high-rise development we can deliver between $0.4m and $1.4m of benefits to our clients. Call us today and we'll take you through our quantified value proposition.

Boral Backing

As a subsidiary of an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed company, Boral Limited, DMG can draw upon the resources of one of Australia's largest building and construction materials companies.

Our clients can be assured that we have the resources, expertise, equipment, processes and financial ability to meet the requirements of most complex jobs.

Focus on Safety

Safety is a priority throughout every part of the DMG business and we have implemented and maintained numerous Safety and Compliance programs.

DMG strictly adheres to Boral's One Safety Management System and is an industry leader in the field of safety, implementing various training programs to ensure zero harm for both staff and contractors.

Our continual focus on safety can be demonstrated by the roll out of the behavioural safety program, SafeStart. The positive impact of this program has been so significant that the program is now being implemented across the Boral Group.

Scale of Operations

DMG employs more than 400 staff and subcontractors. This strength is further enhanced with over 50 people in Project Management, supporting numerous projects. Our large capacity allows us to ensure that our client's projects progress on schedule.

Fleet & Equipment Strength

DMG has one of the largest concrete pumping fleets in Australia, including high rise mobile and stationary pumps, combined with an extensive range of mobile and fixed tower placing booms.

The expansive range of equipment allows us to service a range of projects across NSW of various complexities. This extensive fleet also ensures that concrete pours are not missed due to equipment not being available.

Engineering & Maintenance Capability

DMG's in-house engineering and maintenance team includes full time plant and maintenance engineers and mechanics. The team has implemented a Total Quality Maintenance (TQMain) program that ensures a high overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) rate. This translates to greater equipment reliability and certainty for our customers on those critical pour days.

Single Point of Contact

DMG provides a one-stop service when it comes to concrete. We can manage the concrete supply and placement, removing the hassle of the client having to deal with two different trades.

As part of the Structure Package the responsibility of managing separate trades is also handled by DMG. We will take full ownership of building the concrete structure and become the single point of contact. This allows builders and project teams to focus on other aspects of the build, confident that proven performers are managing their project.

Professional Project Management Capability

DMG's distinction is in our people. All our projects are supported by a professional project management team. Our Project Managers are registered with professional bodies and our continuous education program ensures that they are on the cutting edge of construction management.

SuperFlat Floors

DMG has an unrivalled reputation and expertise in the construction and finishing of SuperFlat floors. Utilising the latest technology, including Samero Laser Screeds and a highly trained crew of experts, we are able to deliver SuperFlat structures as envisioned by our clients.

Our SuperFlat Floors can be seen in the likes of Costco, Bunnings and Masters and several of industrial warehouses across Sydney.