Landmark Project - ANZ Stadium

Multiplex Constructions
Contract Type
Structure Package
100,000m³ +
Key Features
Insitu Tiered Seating, Thurst Blocks Holding Roof

ANZ Stadium was the culmination of a dedicated and intensive design and construction effort. It is an innovative high quality product that was delivered in a high-pressure fast paced environment.

The development by DMG of an in-situ jump form seating construction method illustrates the commitment and teamwork that existed on-site amongst the major contractors.

The innovative formwork systems applied to construction of the lower and mid-tier seating were an entirely new approach in stadium seating construction. DMG developed this innovative construction technique, which is now an integral part of the ANZ Stadium seating.

From the outset of this contract, particular emphasis was placed on the use of concrete solutions from a design and construct perspective. Through its commitment to innovation and service excellence, we were able to meet a complex, fast tracked construction timetable.

Our exceptional service was recognised when The Concrete Institute of Australia acknowledged ANZ Stadium with an award for Excellence in Concrete Structures.